ABDiPulse is the cutting-edge software suite for security, maintenance and property management executives who wish to bring their respective disciplines into the 21st century. It allows management to reach goals while reducing costs and increasing productivity.  It gives management the ability to maintain maximum professional standards while increasing staff capabilities. ABDiPulse is the perfect management tool to equate authority and responsibility.

ABDiPulse includes cloud-based desktop Administration, Reporting and Dispatch software accessed from your existing computers. Mobile users take full advantage of the intuitive and easy-to-use Apple iPhone or iPad with cellular data plan.

Designed for managing security and roving patrol activities throughout the community. Mobile security personnel are dispatched with the information needed to accomplish their tasks. Patrol activities are documented with time/date stamps using GPS or barcode scans. Incident reports, citations and guard tour reports are created onsite by personnel answering questions that are customized based on the task. Reports, pass-down logs, observations and notifications are automatically routed to the responsible parties in real-time for management review. 

  • Tour itinerary can follow standard or randomly generated routes and be managed by priority (immediate, next-stop or normal).
  • Generate incident reports or citations using customizable categories/subcategories, drop-down selections or free text.
  • Prompts officers to answer customizable questions to ensure that all incident report or inspection requirements are fulfilled.
  • Capture date/time-stamped pictures, video, audio recordings or even signatures.
  • Create or document the status of maintenance/service markers and automatically report the condition to the responsible party.
  • Security markers for escalation/status reminders (lock or unlock doors).
  • Patrol tracking to increase accountability and officer safety.
  • Assign patrols based on qualifications and proximity to call destination.
  • Print violations and citations (optional portable printer required).

Streamlines the previously cumbersome and time-consuming task of performing compliance inspections including documenting CCR violations, enforcing Design or Architectural Review Board requirements or following up on the completion of outstanding work orders.

  • Accommodates preplanned or drive-by site inspections.
  • Easily identify property owner information along with violation history.
  • Document violations using customizable categories and sub-categories, pre-defined selection choices or even free text.
  • Capture date/time-stamped pictures, video, audio recordings or even signatures.
  • Automatically generate notification letters by mail merging inspection findings with resident information and customized template letters.
  • Letters may be emailed directly or queued for manager approval.
  • Display map illustrates violation locations.
  • Export reports, charts or maps by violation categories/subcategories for inclusion in community newsletters or review at board meetings.
  • Automated hearing/review meeting and re-inspection scheduling.

Designed for managing service and maintenance activities throughout the community. The service itinerary, including service tickets and/or work orders, is automatically updated in real-time by security, supervisory or management making observations throughout the community.

  • Service itinerary may be displayed on a map or in list format.
  • Service reports are prepared onsite using customizable categories or subcategories, drop-down selections, pictures, video or free text.
  • Review document library including service manuals, maintenance procedures and annotated images
  • Access repair history
  • Schedule preventative maintenance
  • Supervisors view real-time progress updates from field personnel.
  • Outdoor virtual markers are located via GPS coordinates to delineate service/maintenance points of interest
  • Reporting of conditions can trigger automatic notifications.
  • Virtual markers can be used for inventory purposes, with the ability to show aging by using integrated camera/video.

ABDiPulse will increase effectiveness, reduce waste and allow staff to multitask without sacrificing quality. Over 50 communities across the United States are currently using ABDiPulse. First introduced in 2013 after two years of product development, ABDiPulse has proven to be the most advanced tool in the industry.

Customized to your needs, ABDiPulse will become the most important purchase you make in the coming year. 24x7x365 support and competitive pricing make ABDiPulse the choice for advanced community management.

Webinars and impeccable references allow the prudent professional to make an educated decision. ABDi continues to lead the industry in advanced systems software. Just imagine integrating security, service/maintenance and property management disciplines with one suite of applications.


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